Rule Changes-Home-Study books for OH cosmo

Home-Study Books:

Home-Study Correspondence books are the #1 method chosen by Salon Professionals. Here is the summary of how the rule changes will be different than your previous experience.

  • New rule requires us to produce multiple versions of each correspondence book.
  • Each chapter now has multiple choice examination questions that you must pass with a 75% or better.
  • If you wish to submit your test answers through our website, you will need to select the book version that is located on the back cover. When submitting your answers, you will only see a blank test sheet. The actual test questions will not be posted, per Chapter 4713-21 of the Ohio Administrative Code. It is important that you select the correct book version as it is the only way to ensure you are answering the correct questions.
  • You can still submit your answer sheet by mail or fax

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