Why do I need my own user profile?

Accurate account information is imperative to providing the best professional education experience. Authentic individual account information helps your professional licensing by allowing: Timely and accurate reporting of completion hours to your state professional license regulating agency State compliant regulatory information on completion documents Access complete records of your individual professional education   Each professional will have their own registered account with Elite with a personal e-mail address. Sharing your user log-in with others creates a significant delay in the education reporting that helps your license renew on time. In addition to delaying the reporting of hours to state regulating agencies, it Read more

I need my own personal e-mail address

  Don’t have a personal email address and are not sure how to create one? No problem, there are many providers that offer free email services! Feel free to look at the few we have provided links for down below. These are organizations that provide a safe product for you to use and are just a few that are offered out there. Yahoo! Gmail Outlook

Editing my User Profile

Log into your Elite account. Click on Student Login in the upper right hand corner. Note: Accuracy when entering your user name is very important so that we can keep all of your course history together. Once your history populates, go up to the right hand corner and click the down arrow next to your email address. Click Change My Profile Info to: Change your personal information, ie: last name, address, phone number, etc. Be sure to click Save & Continue Click Change Email or Password to: Change your password Update your email address

Can I take a course without enrolling?

We want to make sure you feel confident in your education decision. That’s why we allow you to download select courses before purchasing them so you can get a feel and understanding of the course format and content to see if it is something that will work for you. Call our Customer Service Team to learn more about why Elite, CME is the right choice for you.

How do I Register or Create a User Profile?

One of the first things you will want to do is sign up for a free “My Elite” account. You will click Student Login in upper right hand corner. In the box that comes up in the lower left side click, “Don’t have a login? Register now.” Your user name will be the email address you enter. Once you have completed the registration, you will receive a confirmation email with your information enclosed. Keep this in a safe place in case you forget your user name and password. Please note: Each professional will need their own registered account with Elite Read more