Need a course book?

Not a problem! Go online to, choose your state and profession and on the left hand side click Order Course Book.  

How does Elite know when I have completed a course?

When you have formally completed the course (this includes completing all chapters/quizzes, the final assessment and the completion survey) your course will then reflect a completed status on your Elite My Courses page listing (you may need to refresh the page to see this status). Once the course component is confirmed as completed our internal system records your course status as “completed”. This will allow proper reporting of completion of hours (where applicable).  

How do I search for a Course?

The easiest way to find this information is to visit the course search page of our website.  Here you can select your state and license type and be presented with a full list of courses accepted by your state, including options for online courses, live seminars and correspondence education.   Still have questions? Ready to enroll? We have trained professionals here to help! Call our customer service team to find out more about the educational options Elite has for you.   Click here for Customer Service information. (CS is subject to high call volumes on Monday, Tuesday and Friday, you Read more

What is Correspondence Education?

Correspondence Education is a flexible and convenient method for completing your continuing education.  It works well for those self-professed “computer illiterate” folks.   If your profession and your licensing state allows this method you’ll receive a book in the mail.  Read over the course material, complete the assessment at the end of the course, and then mail or fax the form to us and we’ll take care of the rest! Your assessment will be graded, and upon successfully passing the course, we will e-mail your completion certificate to you. How easy is that? Want to save time? You can always Read more