What happens at the end of my membership?

You will receive notification prior to the end of your membership with instructions for renewing.  You will not be renewed automatically.   You will lose access to any uncompleted courses in “My Courses” if you do not renew.

What are my All Access member benefits?

You will receive unlimited access to hundreds of hours of CE content for 12 or 24 months (depending on your membership option). You will also receive invitations to exclusive member webinars for additional CE credit and we will add new courses to your membership monthly.

What happens after I sign up?

You’ll be taken to your state membership page where you will be able to access all courses available with your membership option.  Simply add any courses to your “My Courses” dashboard.  From there you can read course content, complete exams or affirmations, and immediately print your certificates.  Courses and certificates are stored here for easy access.

I need help finding the book code to take my test

The book code is found in the circle on the bottom left portion of the front cover. You can also find it on the back cover of your book, as well as on each test page inside the book. Need additional help finding your book code? Contact our customer support team at 888-875-5182, Monday through Friday, 9am – 6pm ET.

Why do I need my own user profile?

Accurate account information is imperative to providing the best professional education experience. Authentic individual account information helps your professional licensing by allowing: Timely and accurate reporting of completion hours to your state professional license regulating agency State compliant regulatory information on completion documents Access complete records of your individual professional education   Each professional will have their own registered account with Elite with a personal e-mail address. Sharing your user log-in with others creates a significant delay in the education reporting that helps your license renew on time. In addition to delaying the reporting of hours to state regulating agencies, it Read more